China Market Intelligence

YCP Solidiance is a leading B2B marketing strategy advisory firm entrusted to deliver better results in China. We provide B2B China market research and strategy recommendations to clients to help them grow their businesses. We have helped multinational clients understand the Chinese economic landscape by delivering comprehensive market entry and growth strategy services. 

We are well-known to be very hands-on and  we get our hands dirty in the marketplace so that we can interpret, analyze, and strategize based on solid China Market Intelligence. This approach has earned us many client recommendations and a repeat engagement rate over 90%.

China stands to be the world's dominant economic super power within the next 50 years and is a market that cannot be ignored by MNCs who aim to remain competitive in the global market place. Despite fluctuations in the recent past, the country has averaged an unprecedented growth rate of well over 10% over the past 30 years and remains a core driver in the growth, and indeed the survival, of any organization in the era of globalization.  To further prove its relevance, China has been home to significant investment by some of the world's largest companies, many of YCP Solidiance's clients.

With significant growth opportunities in infrastructure, heavy industries, and construction sectors, due predominantly to government-backed stimulus and focused initiatives, China remains the world's fastest-growing region in these sectors. As a leading management consulting firm with focus on the Greater China region, YCP Solidiance helps clients to better understand the Chinese market, regulatory system volatility and is positioned to provide overall recommendations on how best to navigate the highly unpredictable yet incredibly attractive Chinese market. 

Contact us today at our China office or one of our several offices located across the Asia Pacific region.

中国作为未来50年内全球经济发展中的主导力量,是任何一家在全球化市场中竞争并试图保持竞争力的跨国公司都无法忽略的市场。近年来尽管出现经济发展波动, 但中国在过去的30年间平均保持着10%惊人的增长速度仍令其成为在全球化背景下组织生存,发展的强劲驱动力。全球最大的一批优秀企业其中不乏Solidiance的客户在华的可观投资可以近一步的说明了这一点。

政府引领的产业促进发展政策带领着中国的基础建设行业、工业产品行业及建筑行业在全球化环境中展现出了飞速的发展并带来了前所未有的机遇。作为一家顶尖管理咨询公司和中国及亚太区域的市场专家,YCPSolidiance 致力于帮助我们的客户深度了解中国市场环境、本地竞争动态及政府监管措施并近一步帮助我们的客户在变化莫测但极具吸引力的市场中寻找到最优的发展策略


Some of the China market entry and market expansion services we offer:
  • China market research
  • China market survey
  • China qualitative research
  • China quantitative research
  • China market landscape
  • Market intelligence China
  • China M&A screening & evaluation
  • China medical equipment market research
  • China telecom market research
  • China market sizing
  • Freelance market research China
  • China commercial due diligence
  • China industrial market research
  • China hospital market research
  • China industrial market research
  • China pricing study
  • China competitor sales network analysis
  • China B2B Market Research
  • China market attractiveness Analysis
  • China markets segmentation
  • China supply chain analysis
  • Growth strategy China
  • China construction materials market research
  • China feasibility studies
  • China customers analysis
  • China distribution channels analysis
  • China value chain analysis
  • China feasibility studies
  • China healthcare market research
  • China oil & gas market research